覺醒所發生的一切並不是轉化、蛻變或是靈性揚升。那麼何謂開悟之道?_下﹝Sumeet Jain蘇米特.嘉恩﹞




At its foundation, Awakening is the death of one’s false sense of self. It is a movement of consciousness out of false identity, which naturally leads us back to the truth of who we are. Prior to Awakening, this false identity is whatever you are referring to when you say the word “I.” When people say “I,” they are usually referring to themselves as a particular person with a particular, unique set of experiences. This person defines who they think they are, and I call that sense of “I” the false “I”, the ego.



Before Awakening, we think that we are this ego, which experiences itself as essentially separate from everything and everyone else. The truth, however, is that we are all expressions of One Consciousness, unseparated and undivided. Arising within this One Consciousness is a countless multitude of simultaneous experiences, and a



common feature of these experiences is a sense of identity, a sense of “I.” So long as a person feels identified with their sense of “I,” they are caught in a dream-like state, a trance that obscures their knowledge of their true essence, and which inevitably causes them to suffer. One who is “Awake” is someone who’s fundamental sense of “I” has broken down (although there will usually be remnants of ego or “shadow-I’s” floating around, to be dealt with over time).

而這些經歷的一個共同特徵是一種認同感,一種“我”的感覺。所以當一個人認同他們感知到的那個“我”,就會陷入一個如夢境般的狀態,這種恍惚狀態掩蓋了他們對真實本質的認識,並且不可避免地導致他們遭受痛苦。一個覺醒之人是那個基礎本質的“我”已經徹底崩解之人(雖然通常依舊會有一些需要花費時間來處理的小我殘留或是 “影子我”飄盪在四周)。


When people hear this for the first time, they often think that surely anyone who has lost his sense of “I” must either die, go insane, or become a bland, shallow husk of a person. This is not the case. To illustrate this point, imagine that from the day you were born, you believed that you were a unicorn. As such, throughout your entire life, you’ve acted like a unicorn, to the best of your ability. When you were hungry you ate grass off the lawn; rather than talking, you would shake your imaginary mane and make low, snorting sounds; if someone angered you, you would try to pierce them with the horn supposedly protruding from your forehead. By the time you were in your thirties, you would be an adult who has only ever known himself as a unicorn. If by some chance it occurred to you that you might not actually be a unicorn at all, the concept would seem very threatening to you – trying to imagine what it would be like not to be a unicorn would seem nearly impossible after so many years of living as a unicorn. Yet despite all that fear, clearly it would be in your best interest to let go of your identity as a unicorn and to live as what you truly are. If you were to finally see yourself as a human being, at first you might not know how you were supposed to act – you’d never acted like a human before, and all your unicorn mannerisms would be a very deeply ingrained part of your behavior. Coming into the fullness of your humanity might take some time, and meanwhile you would probably still act very much like a unicorn, but essentially the illusion has been broken. You know that you are a human, and it’s only a matter of time before you act more like a human than like a unicorn. It might be a painful process, but clearly it’s a process that needs to happen for your own mental and emotional well-being–

當人們第一次聽到這些的時候,他們常常會想,任何失去“我”意識的人,要麼死,要麼瘋了,要麼變成一個平淡無奇、膚淺的軀殼。但事實並非如此。其實不是這樣的,為了解釋這點,請想像你出生的那天起你就相信自己是一隻獨角獸,從此在你的這一生中你都盡你所能的表現得像一隻獨角獸。肚子餓的時候就吃草坪上的草,與其開口講話,你會抖動想像中的鬃毛以及發出低沉的鼻息聲;假如有人惹怒你,你會試著用從你的額頭突出的角刺穿他們。當你來到三十多歲的時候,你已經成年了,卻一輩子以為自己是隻獨角獸。如果在某些機會中你得知自己可能不是獨角獸,這整個想法讓你覺得倍感威脅- 想想已經以獨角獸身分生活一輩子的你,如果不是獨角獸這幾乎是不可能的啊!儘管有些害怕,但是放棄獨角獸的身分,活出真實的自我才是對你最有利的狀態。當你最終發現自己是位人類,一開始會對於自己該如何做感到手足無措,因為你從來沒有當過一天人類,而所有獨角獸的習性都根深蒂固的存在你的行為中。要成為完整的人類將會花費一些時間,在這期間你可能還是會表現得像一隻獨角獸,但本質上幻象已經被打破,你知道自己是人類,只需要花費一些時間你就會表現得像人而不是獨角獸,這或許會是個痛苦的過程,這都是一個為了你的心智及情緒健康必然發生的過程。


no matter how happy you thought you were as a unicorn.



A similar story can be told of one who has Awakened out of her false identity as an ego and into the fullness of her ego less nature. All of her thoughts, feelings, emotions, and personality traits will continue to exist, just without a fundamental sense of identity with them. For instance, your thoughts are still there, it’s just that you don’t identify with those thoughts. They are just thoughts that you’ve become aware of, in the same way that you can become aware of the wind and know that you are not the wind. You have a personality but you see that you are not your personality. At most, you are aware of a consistent experience of a particular personality, but a consistent experience is not the same as an identity. You have a body but you are not your body. You have a position within society but that position doesn’t define who you are. You may feel sad or even angry, but these are just feelings arising in the moment, and don’t define you – because there is no “you” to be defined, anymore! There is only Free Consciousness, and experiences that are happening within that Consciousness.

同樣的故事也可以講述一個人她從虛假的自我身分中覺醒,並完整邁入那個小我較少的本性中。雖然去除了那些基礎的自我認同感,但她的所有思想、情感及人格特質都繼續存在。舉例來說你的想法依舊在,只是你不再認同那些想法,對你來說它就只是個想法並且你也意識到它了就像你意識到風了但你知道你不是風一樣。你有自己的個性,但是你知道你不是你的個性。甚至,你意識到持續體驗一個特定個性模式,但是持續體驗與認同是兩回事。你有一個身體,但你不是你的身體。你在社會上有一個地位,但這個地位並不能定義你是誰。你或許會感到傷心甚至生氣,但是這些都只是在當下產生的情緒,並不能定義你– 原因是再也沒有“你”能被定義!現在只有自由意識及發生在意識中的體驗。


It is important to note that what happens with Awakening isn’t a transformation, a metamorphosis, or some kind of spiritual ascension. That would imply that what you are has changed from one kind of person into another, supposedly “better” kind of person. But whatever you change into, if you think you are that new, better person, then you haven’t Awakened. You’ve simply traded one false identity for another. People do that all the time, either by getting a makeover, finding a new career, going to the latest motivational seminar, getting married, having children – you name it, and I guarantee that someone has done it, thinking that it would change them from an unhappy person into a happy person.

很重要的一點是在覺醒所發生的一切並不是轉化、蛻變或是靈性揚升。那比較像是你從一種人變成另一種,據說是更好的那種人。但是不管你變成什麼,只要你有任何你變了一個全新及更好的人的這種念頭,你就尚未覺醒。你只是把一個錯誤的認知換到另一個去,這是人們常常做的事。像是改造自己、找新職業、參加最新的激勵講座、結婚或生小孩- 應有盡有。我相信一定有人做過,並相信這些能將他們從不快樂的人轉變成一個幸福的人。


With Awakening, nothing about you changes. If you were unhappy before, you will probably be unhappy afterwards, as well. The difference is that there is simply nobody there anymore to identify with that unhappiness, so it doesn’t mean as much as it used to; it’s not as real, in a way. Rather than being a transformation from one kind of person into another, Awakening releases your basic identity with whoever it is that would undergo such a transformation.




So why does Awakening matter? On the one hand, it doesn’t matter in the least. If Awakening isn’t your path or your desire, then there’s no reason why you should pursue it. In addition, there’s nothing in it for the ego – for the “you” that you think you are – so why would “you” ever want to be Awake? Although there will be an experience of greater Freedom, “you” won’t be there anymore to enjoy it, so from that perspective it can only be a colossal disappointment. On the other hand, Awakening is the only permanent cure for suffering.

為何覺醒如此重要呢? 某一方面來說,如果覺醒不是你的道路或渴望,你就沒有理由去追尋它,那麼它其實無關緊要。再說,它對小我也完全沒有任何好處- 尤其當“你”認為你就是你- 那個你怎麼會想要覺醒呢?雖然說那邊能體驗到極大的自由,只是“你”不會在那享受它,所以從某個角度來看,它只會帶來巨大的失望。但另一方面,覺醒是治療痛苦的唯一永久性療法。


This is a bold statement, I know, but I make it for two reasons. The first is that any “permanent cure” for suffering cannot simply be a change in one’s circumstances, no matter how good a change that might be. Life is constantly changing, and any experience that we can create for ourselves will eventually change into a different experience – even our innermost emotional experiences. What’s more, even if we could force something to change for the better and then stay that way, we would then have to live in a state of hyper-vigilance to keep things the same, not to mention the constant fear of losing what we had worked so hard to obtain. There is suffering within that fear and hyper-vigilance (a kind of stress), so even getting everything you want bears its own sort of burden.

我知道這是一個大膽的聲明,但是我這樣做有兩個原因。首先,關於痛苦的永久性療法,並不能改變一個人的處境,不管那個改變有多好一樣。人生是不斷的在變化的,我們為自己創造的任何體驗最終都會變成一種不同的經驗- 甚至是我們內心最深處的情感體驗。甚至,如果我們強迫某些事物做了改善,我們就必須活在一個高度警覺的狀態好讓事物能夠維持,更別提我們會持續害怕失去我們辛辛苦苦獲得的。這種恐懼和高度警覺(一種壓力)都存在著痛苦,所以就算得到內心渴望的所有都有其自身的負擔。


Since Awakening is not about changing one’s life experiences, it is the one thing that isn’t subject to the law of change. Awakening is a form of death, for it is the death of the ego, and although life and death are part of the same cycle, the one who dies never comes back. This is why the great sages have always said that a true Awakening is permanent, not a state that can change and then change back.



But let’s say for the sake of argument that, despite all the countless failed efforts on the parts of visionaries throughout history to create a sustainable Utopia, it actually is possible to create a perfect life. With the right combination of intelligence, wisdom, altruism, and will, perhaps someone could create a perfect life or even a perfect community. Would suffering be cured permanently, or at least for a respectably long period of time?




I would suggest that the answer is no – even if you could create a perfect life, your suffering would not be cured. This is due to the fact that our life experiences do not cause our suffering. This is the second reason for my assertion that Awakening is the only permanent cure for suffering. What causes suffering is the mistaken perception of being something that we are not – the perception of one’s identity as an isolated individual, essentially separate from the rest of creation. This sense of separation makes us feel cut off from the very source of life, love, joy, and abundance, and in their place we can only feel things like fear, anger, grief, lack, and despair – among many other unpleasant emotions.

我認為答案是否定的- 即使你能創造一個完美的生活,你的痛苦也不會被治癒。這是因為我們的生活經歷不會導致我們的痛苦。這是我認為覺醒是治療痛苦的唯一方法的第二個理由。造成痛苦的原因是對我們自己錯誤的認知- 認為一個人的身份是一個孤立的個體,將自己與其餘的造物分開。這種分離感使我們感到與生命、愛、歡樂和富足的源泉斷開,取而代之的是恐懼、憤怒、悲傷、匱乏和絕望- 以及許多其他令人不快的情緒。


For example, if someone is uncommonly disrespectful to you, it isn’t their disrespect that would make you suffer, it is the feelings of powerlessness and inadequacy that are triggered by their disrespect that would cause you to suffer. However, those feelings didn’t get invented right on the spot – they’ve been with you your whole life, and this incident is just bringing them to the surface. What’s more, you’re not just feeling these emotions, you are identified with them – as they arise, you automatically assume that you are powerless and that you are inadequate, and that these emotions somehow describe you in a fundamentally important way. That focus of identification actually intensifies the suffering held within these emotions and causes you to resist them – and the experience that is triggering them – because you don’t want to think of yourself as powerless and inadequate. But how much of a knot would you tie yourself into if you knew that these emotions had nothing to do with you? If you naturally recognized that there is no “you” who could be powerless or inadequate, wouldn’t that take the steam out of your suffering?

舉個例子,假如有人對你很不尊重,並不是他們的不尊重讓你感到痛苦,而是他們的不尊重所引發的無力感和不足感讓你感到痛苦。然而,這些感覺並不是憑空產生的- 它們已經伴隨你一生,只是藉由這事件造成它們浮出檯面。更糟的是你不只感受到情緒,你進而認同它們,當情緒起來時你自動的認為自己是無能為力及不夠格的,這些情緒在某種程度上以一種極為重要的方式描述了你。這種對認同的關注實際上加劇了這些情緒中所包含的痛苦,並導致你抗拒它們- 以及觸發它們的經歷- 因為你不想認為自己無能為力、能力不足。但是,如果你知道這些情緒與你無關,你會把自己束縛到什麼樣的程度呢?如果你自然的覺知到這裡沒有“你”是無能為力或不稱職的,這難道不會減輕你的痛苦嗎?


Since most people are not Awake in this way, unpleasant experiences will trigger their sense of separation and suffering, which would otherwise remain buried under the surface. As a result, most people believe that the way to avoid suffering is to make certain that unpleasant experiences don’t happen anymore, but of course that’s impossible. What happens instead is that the outer situation might change, but then they enter the new situation without having dealt with these painful feelings – or their identity with them – and eventually these issues will bubble to the surface and create problems all over again.

由於大部分的人都不是在覺醒的狀態,不愉快的經驗會觸發他們的分離感及痛苦,或是直接被埋進表面。結果大多數人認為避免痛苦的方法是確保不愉快的經歷不再發生,但這當然是不可能的。有些時候可能是外在情況產生了變化,但當他們進入新局面前,並沒有處理這些痛苦的感覺- 或他們對這些感覺的認同- 最終這些問題會浮現檯面,重新製造問題。


So, with the understanding that the cause of suffering isn’t one’s outer experience, it stands to reason that the solution wouldn’t be a matter of changing that experience. Since it is separation consciousness that creates suffering, that is what must be addressed in order to find a permanent cure for suffering.



And, while the ego can’t get anything out of Awakening (because Awakening is what happens in the absence of ego), those who want their suffering to end permanently must be willing to accept a solution that addresses their inner sense of separateness rather than their outer circumstances. They must be willing to let their separateness die and to embrace life as it is. They must be willing to Awaken.



This brings us back to Big Question Number One: What is Awakening? As I stated before, Awakening is simply the death of one’s sense of “I” – the end, fundamentally, of a false perception of individual separateness. This doesn’t mean that you become assimilated into some collective. Instead, you find that there is a space in your heart where you feel whole, undivided, and at peace. When you look at others, rather than seeing people who are essentially separate from you, you see that the consciousness looking through their eyes is the same consciousness that looks out of your own eyes. There are obvious differences in physical form, personal beliefs, ideas, agendas, and personality, but it is Consciousness that is aware of these differences, not the separate self.




because you’ve only known life through the filter of your ego, Immediately after Awakening,you will probably think, feel, and act almost exactly the same as you always did, but it will be from a place of greater Freedom. Now, the Freedom that I’m talking about isn’t freedom from some part of life that you don’t like. Awakening won’t put a million dollars in your bank account, or help you to find your soul mate, or give you whiter teeth. It doesn’t mean that you don’t have to pay taxes anymore, or that your health problems will go away. True Freedom isn’t freedom from anything; it is just Freedom. It is to be Free within yourself, regardless of any experience you might have.



Everyone who Awakens will have a somewhat different experience of it and a different way to describe what it is like. It might be completely obvious, but it’s equally possible that you’ll hardly notice it, or you might notice that something has happened but you don’t have a word for it. For some it will be liberating, but for others it may be quite painful. This is because the space it creates in your consciousness is quite peaceful by itself, but this space can also become a place where your issues arise more freely. There’s no longer an ego resisting various feelings or experiences, so they tend to come up more easily. Fortunately, at the same time there is the Freedom to experience these feelings with less suffering, and as time goes on and you integrate the initial Awakening more fully, your suffering will continue to diminish.



I could go on, but I think you get the picture. The process which I follow is identify who am I in real sense and not with false ego self, and from that recognition, go on to fulfill my desire to get awakened through the help of various ancient technique of spirituality and finish it will modern tools of Sound frequency therapy (to realign my inner frequency with the frequency of the Universe). Its so much more that I want to tell you and want you to experience along with me, but I guess rest for some other time – maybe when we meet in person.

關於這個話題,我還能繼續講下去,但是我想你們應該都有初步的概念了。我遵循的過程是在實質上真正的認出我是誰,而非使用虛假的小我。為了繼續完成我想要覺醒的慾望,我使用古老的靈性技巧,最後使用音頻療法(使用宇宙的頻率重新調整我的內在頻率)這個現代工具來成就這件事。其實我還有很多想要告訴你們的,也希望你們能跟我一起體驗,不過我覺得其他的下次再說吧- 或許是我們見面的時候。


Meanwhile I wish you happy searching and if the universe wants us to meet again, maybe u will be touched deep inside, that depth where your true self resides and this touching can’t stop you ever from meeting again. Trust the plan and let the universe do its talking through you. don’t go towards awakening. Let it come to you and believe me, it can come from anywhere. Just keep your arms open to receive it, no matter from where it comes.



I will end by giving you a mantra called “Om shanti”- meaning, I am truly peaceful, powerful, happy, super rich and enlightened soul. Its a reminder that this is not what I want to be, but already am inside. I am limitless and so are you.


我說到到這邊就好,在此給你們一個口號“Om shanti”- 意思是我是一個真正平靜、強大、快樂、超級富有及徹悟的靈魂。它提醒我這不是我想要成為的樣子,而是我內心深處的樣子,我是無限的,你也是








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